Welcome to Anchor and the DEEC!

Anchor Elementary is one of  two young five through second grade buildings in the Dexter Community School district. Anchor and Beacon Elementary are joined by two large shared spaces, the marketplace and workshop, and together we comprise the Dexter Early Elementary Complex, or DEEC ("deck"). Brooke Stidham is the principal, with her office located at Beacon, and Katie Heikkila is the Assistant Principal, with her office at Anchor. Our collective mission is to provide a quality education for all students.

We are so proud of the students who come here to learn each day. Our staff believe children learn best when they feel safe and respected, and when they believe they are valued members of a caring school community.  We work every day to encourage a love for learning as we surround each child with a rich and stimulating curriculum.

We take pride in:
  • Highly skilled teachers, para-educators and support staff

  • Ongoing staff development

  • Our wonderful parent teacher group

We are so glad you could join us!

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7480 Dan Hoey Rd.
Building A
Dexter MI 48130